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“I placed a young horse in training with Dustin and Michelle. Through their excellent horsemanship, patience, and great management, they have taken a young, worried horse and started him confidently and quietly with wonderful skills upon which to grow. I will recommend them highly to my students and friends when in need of help starting and developing young horses”


-Stephen Bradley

“I am a professional Dressage trainer and breeder of sport horses.   Dustin has been starting my young horses for several years now.  He starts them calmly and quietly and with great patience, and I can be certain that when I take them home for me to ride they have had a good start that enables me to begin their dressage training or market them to potential clients. I know he will help me work through any issues that might arise during their early training, and he also gives them exposure to the trails and fields that I don't have at my farm.”


-Alison Head of Looking Glass Farm

"I looked at a young sale horse at WestWind Farms that Dustin had recently started under saddle. Dustin prepared and presented the horse very well, and in a professional manner.  Based on what I saw, I would recommend WestWind Farms for starting and breaking young horses."


-Joe Fargis

“Michelle and Dusty have helped both me and my horse.  They are both very good instructors.  I’m currently taking lessons with Michelle and she is great at getting me to progress with every lesson while never making me feel over faced.  Dusty has worked wonders with my horse, Nathan. When Nate first went into training with Dusty, he was very spooky, hard to focus, and a little bit hot.  He used to be afraid of everything from small butterflies and piles of his own manure to dressage letters on the wall of the indoor.  Now Dusty has him eventing!  Nate just placed 4th in his first recognized Novice horse trial and looked very confident and quiet throughout the whole show.  If I ever get another horse off the track or have a baby that needs to be started, they will be going directly to Michelle and Dusty.”

-Abigail Lara


“I first met Michelle and Dusty in the spring of 2008 when I spent four months as their working student. I saw first-hand the high level of care and training they provided to so many different types of horses with a plethora of issues. At the time, I had just gotten a three year old thoroughbred and that summer, Michelle and Dusty started him for me. Since then, I have referred many clients to them for advice and assistance. When I realized my horse was not a good match for my future plans, Michelle and Dusty sold him for me. He went to a fantastic home where he is making someone else's dream come true. Michelle then talked to me about a horse they had, that had come off the track. After retraining him for eventing, she thought he might be a good fit for me and she was right. Echo is everything I had hoped for. Michelle and Dusty have always impressed me with their professionalism and skills. Their horses get the best of care and they work hard for their clients to ensure they are fully satisfied. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

- Samantha Silver

“I've sent several horses to Westwind for training/resale projects. Each horse was started properly and found the best homes through Dustin and Michelle. I've sent my personal horse there for over fences work and found the training to be top notch! Lastly, I've also sent babies to be trained under saddle for the racetrack. Both horses are favorites of their exercise riders because they know so much more than others they gallop. I would never hesitate to go to Michelle and Dustin for help with any horse. The quality of care and training always exceeds expectations and the horses are happy and healthy!”

-Jenny Ruberto



"Michelle and Dusty run a class operation. They're honest and straightforward to deal with and don't cut corners. The horses get top care, the benefit of excellent turnout, and a patient, correct-from-the-ground-up approach to training. Each horse is treated as an individual and it shows in excellent results."

            -Melissa Mason Hare

“My first OTTB had to be retired due to wear and tear of the track so I began my hunt for a horse.  I knew I wanted a mare for sure.  I spent many many weeks, driving around southern California, looking for the right horse.  Out here the horses were way overpriced for the money so I decided to call my good friend, Michelle.  I've known Michelle for many years and have seen the amazing eye she has for OTTB's and horses in general.  I've also seen what types of horses she rides and knew we had the same taste.  I talked to her and after hunting at a couple of race tracks, she suggested Jane, an OTTB who was in her backyard.  I saw pics of her and fell in love!  Michelle and Dusty vetted Jane for me and I arranged shipping.  Please note that I trust Michelle 110% and knew I was going to get a fabulous horse without even riding her!!!!  I was NOT disappointed!  I got this amazing mare, who had a wonderful personality, a calm demeanor and everything I asked for in my new horse.  Jane is the love of my life and I count myself lucky to be able to say I got this horse from Michelle and Dusty.  I am forever grateful.  I am always bragging to my friends if they are looking for horses and can't find any out here that they HAVE to consider West Wind Equine farm!  I probably send Michelle WAY too many pics and video of us riding but I know how much she loves each and every horse that comes on to their farm and the outstanding care and training they receive!  I cannot recommend them enough!”

-Jenny Green



“Dusty and Michelle have been a Godsend; they have worked with 5 of my horses all demonstrating different issues and personality traits. When you find a trainer(s) that can identify each factor that can help a horse reach its highest potential you have found luck.

One of my horses is an orphan; raised by the human hand and to say the least a handful.

Dusty has developed her into a wonderfully successful horse gaining her trust and teaching her how to control that emotional energy that she has so much of.

I sent a horse that was called crazy by one trainer who suggested he be put down and in short order Dusty and Michelle had him ready, set, and go, for the race track.  He is still in race training and doing fine.

My other horses came to Dusty for career changes from the track. As I have watched them being worked I feel a certain amount of faith that they will find what their new job is and be the very best that they can.

Dusty and Michelle are true horsemen in every aspect of the word.”

-Cindy Shomo-Gatto

“Several months ago, my horse developed some serious behavioral problems. After many failed attempts at “fixing him”, I was low on hope that my beloved Bakjak would ever be the same.

One of my closest friends, Samantha Silver, recommended sending my horse to Dusty and Michelle. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Dusty and Michelle demonstrated EXCELLENT horsemanship, professionalism, and provided my horse with wonderful care. After only thirty days of training, Bakjak was a different horse. I do not know what I would do without them! Their quality of care, instruction and training is one of a kind. I have been riding for over sixteen years and I can confidently say that Michelle and Dusty are two of the best around!”

-Rachel Hinson